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WilliefromtheDrive is an influencer, entertainer, singer , song writer and rapper popular on Instagram for his pictures and video content that have earned him his fan base. WilliefromtheDrive is also a well known entrepreneur. WilliefromtheDrive started taking music serious after the lost of his friend Joecephus Carnelleis " Scooter " Vanable to gun violence back in 2016. Hence the 16, 16 adlib you hear from him. He says he called him " Skoot. " Back then he was known as " TDB Willie " When he lost his other friend " Mingo " that could be seen in every video he has released up until his passing, he started making changes to his name and his style, which he believed were necessary for his coming success. He released a song that tributes to Mingo called " Cuz of U " That was on worldstarhiphop and gained over 500k views within the first two weeks and he has not looked back ever since ! WilliefromtheDrive says he makes pain and motivation music. Born and raised out of Hempstead long Islands D-Block aka the " Brickz " in the time when it had one of the highest crime rates in the nation as a town, and the top 3 worst school districts WilliefromtheDrive has stated. " I just want to see my city on top . It's deeper than music . Ride with me. "


Williefromthedrive born and raised on Martin Luther King Drive, Hempstead, New York says he has a passion for seeing his people win . The 25 year old has been finding his way into businesses and opening doors for his community . Early on, he graduated from Hempstead school district when it had one of the worst graduation rates in the nation. WilliefromtheDrive says “ It was a struggle , I lost some people I was cool with .. Really cool with ... All too different reasons as well but I was able to make it out , so I believe anyone can. “ WilliefromtheDrive attended Nassau community college where he majored in marketing , business , and teaching . In 2017 Willie started auto insurance advising which from there he never looked back . “ I learned how much people lack the knowledge of auto insurance works, as well as how much money they have been wasting. This made me determined to help them lower that cost so their cost of living would go down as well . This sparked me though. I realized that not only did people lack the knowledge of auto insurance, they lacked the same for credit . I made it my job to teach those in my community about credit moving forward once I myself have done enough researching and building of my own ! “ Willie said in a interview with New York Times. Over the years Willie has been seen hosting community events like the Bossup open mic events in the African American museum located in Hempstead . Back to school give aways, Credible messaging/youth mentoring for different organizations like Reign4life , visions2opportunity, Cota , and many more . Determined to make a change Williefromthedrive has started up his own community called “ Aalduobap “ . This is short for “ All Answers Lay Dormant Until One Brings Absolute Peace . “ Willie states that this community is built for those with common interest . Those who just want to enjoy their life and not be so depending on what the worlds standards are. Those who want to be judge free . Willie says “ When I was younger I wanted to create my own city. A place where people know they can come and it won’t cost them a thing. And it would be a place where someone could find them peaceful living . If you are one of those type of people you have found the right place ! Welcome to the family . You’ll learn more in groups ! “ Join Williefromthedrive on his journey !








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